Thursday, January 27, 2011

Odds & Ends...


Not much happening on the hobby front. This year (like last year) i will not be able to go to Vegas to meet up with some friends & family. :-( So I'll treat myself to about $100 of toys (funds for which will come from the income tax return). As such I've just been pondering what to buy next for the Exodites. Also as I build up that army, my loyalist IG will continue on their way out via ebay. I'll still be able to field a combat patrol sized penal legion using the Pig Iron minis (whom are primarily set aside for VOR), So that idea hasn't been totally scrapped.

Also, in our ongoing Dark Heresy campaign, my Adept (click on the transfer form at the end of that post) has taken a bit of a turn for the worst in the opinions of most. There was an 'incident' in our prior adventure where he tried to call in an orbital strike for no other reason than he suddenly realized he could. His plans were thwarted, and the Inquisition seems to take issue with such actions. For this adventure he was fitted with an explosive collar (ala a penal legionnaire) in an attempt to keep him in check.

The following are some excerpts from his latest report to our inquisitorial handler. It shows just how poorly that idea worked. Suffering from delusions and grandeur (such machinations are the result of his twisted mind manipulating the realization of his impending doom to his own precieved benefit) Boris now sees himself 'on the cusp of divinity' (yes, that's how I explained it to the DM & party). He has also taken a career turn towards that of a cleric, though the rest of the party refuses to acknowledge this (and he acquired both an insanity & corruption point as a penalty for such madness).

One thing of note is that his 'halo' is the explosive collar worn about his neck. He has painted it gold, hence the name.

Personal note: In past missives I’ve addressed you in my usual respectful terms (i.e.: Honored Sir, Milord, etc.). However in the time between my last missive and the present, I was granted a vision from the Almighty Emperor of Mankind. He has requested my assistance at an approaching time of his choosing, whence I shall be martyred and then transform into the divine state. Once said transformation has occurred, I shall then be able to assist the almighty Emperor through the Imperium’s future perils. While I now obviously hold a superior rank to those in the mortal realm, I have decided to continue the use of our previous terminology, even though it should now be clear as to who is regarded as the superior.

...and a few pages later...

The market seemed a bit more agreeable than most places we had so far visited, and doubly so when in one stall, my halo was discovered by the proprietor. Our conversation went something like this:

‘What’s that?”

My Halo, for I am a living Saint.’

‘Uh huh, and what’s a halo do?’

‘When the Almighty Emperor needs my assistance, he will enact my martyrdom so that I may join him to offer my guidance.’

‘Martyrdom meaning?’

‘It’ll explode. (this seemed to cause him and all present quite some consternation)

‘Could it kill me?’

“Everyone in the room I would imagine, though such concerns are beneath my concern.’

Indeed the other patrons quickly left the premises, and the stall owner was quite accommodating in meeting whatever my provisional requests were with exceptional urgency...



Screech said...

I'm still gonna have to adjust the yield, so that at least some of your body will be salvagable. My Tech Priest will have a servitor slave, one way or another.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Get thee back demon! You shall not be soiling my halo with your nefarious touch you soulless machine!

Besides, I'm sure you'll get one next time we come across some more children. You do have a habit of taking those for yourself....umm, when out of context, that didn't sound right.