Friday, November 5, 2010

The state of the Party.


Well there's another Dark Heresy game session this evening, and we're still waiting for our first casualty. The 'Arbitrator' won't be with us this evening, due to real life interference, however as his character is literally on his last legs, the loss is minimal. We figure he'll spend the session unconscious in the medicae tent. Our GM hasn't yet gone for a 'TPK' though he's edging in that direction as we're all in a fairly sorry state. Currently the party is as follows:

Jusu, Arbitrator: (1) fate point has been burned, only has 2-3 wounds left, and as I recall his chain vest is in tatters. IIRC, his second string character is a carbon copy with a new name (boring...).

Ishta, Assassin: I'm pretty sure she took a hellova beating last session and is running dangerously low on wounds as well, she hasn't burned any fate points yet though (I think).

Rube (that's what I call her, can't recall her name & as a Scum won't bother to try), Pysker: Rube's rather fond of slinging her witchery around. However I'm pretty sure she had to burn a fate point last round (or is close to it). She also seems to have drawn the eyes of the Dark Gods, damned near summoning one of their minions which resulted in some insanity points for everybody.

Arty (short for something too hard for a lowly scum to pronounce), Guardsman: Our resident 'tank' Arty's down to about 2/3 wounds, but over all is in the best shape. Of course in hand to hand combat, he's as impressive as watching a Tau Fire Warrior trying to take down a Space Marine.

Yosef, Scum (Me): I'm down to a little less than half wounds and am running dangerously low on bullets for my trusty revolver (which was responsible for the eliminating of a truly gratifying number of fleeing civilians). Indeed when the test against insanity was rolled, Yosef, hearing the call embraced it wholeheartedly. I didn't get enough insanity points for a mutations roll, but came close.

So where to from here?

Well, Yosef has lasted longer than I expected, but isn't doing to well either. I do have my 2nd string character Ekon ready, however we already have an assassin in the party (assuming she survives and/or has an assassin 2nd string as well). So instead I dropped Ekon back to my 3rd string (despite his cool fluff), and created a Scholar as my new 2nd string. So far none of us have wanted to play that sort of character, so I figured 'what the hell' and made one last night. His transfer info (fluff?) follows:

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