Tuesday, November 9, 2010

...and...off they go.


Well, after I 'finish' an army, I get bored with it and sell it. As such, my loyalist Imperial Guard army has landed on ebay here (shameless plug I know).

Now I just need to wait or the inevitable screaming & bitching from Murl & Screech...

Mind you I didn't sell all of them. I pulled out the storm troopers for use with my Inquisitors, and Sgt. Pepper & the Company standard bearer will be going to an Inquisitorial retinue as well. I still have:

Commissars Naxos, Niro & Borg
The Podunks (who will graduate from Conscripts to Penal troops)
The podunk Sentinel
The Psyker battle squad
The shotgun Vet Squad with Chimera (the MP's)
...and the Executioner
(edit: I kept the Cyclops too!)

I've been thinking of doing a penal legion for a while, and with the above I have a decent start to one. With the above I have about 800ish points, which will work well enough vs. some of the newer players @ the game shop. They tend to have smaller, odd point sized armies. That way I'll have something to throw at them rather than just butchering a list to fit. Most of those are also unpainted/need to be repainted as well, so that'll keep me entertained with IG for a good while (when I'm not painting the Renegades of course).

And NO, the Renegades are NOT for sale!

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