Monday, November 1, 2010



I guess that when you pre-order something from Forgeworld, you get the express shipping, because only after a week after the ship date, my Grot Mega Tank has arrived, huzzah!

Behold, Da' Grot Spee:

So named after the infamous WWII German pocket battleship.

I trimmed off a few of the gates (just a quick & ugly trimming) to get a rough idea on how it'll go together. Assembly looks to be rather straight forward & simple. Its a good thing too as the instructions are rather spare. Several of the gates that I trimmed off are so big that I'm tempted to keep them for use a tank traps or something. I wonder if all completely FW tanks have gates that large? Seems like a hellova waste to me.

One thing FW doesn't provide is a good size comparison, so until it arrived I had no idea as to how big it was going to be. As you can see, its a bit larger than an Ork trukk.
The weapons options included for the turrets are :
(2) Grotzookas
(2) Big Shootas
(1) Kustom Mega Blasta
(2) Rokkit Launchas
(3) Skorchas
(1) Boom Kanister
and the aft, starboard sponson has a big shoota molded onto it by default, though I doubt it would be hard to add a different weapon in that mount.

This will be a work in progress over the coming months, a model this expensive (the bulk of my unpainted Blood Eagles as well as my Rogue Trader BFG fleet were sold off to compensate) shouldn't be rushed through assembly & painting.

...and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

So, I was going to post the following originally:

It was nice to kinda take a week off from gaming. Doing the 'family thing' for a few days and shoving gaming to the periphery of my mind. This past Saturday we went to Sevierville, TN to go on a zip line tour (part of Mom's 'bucket list').

Here I am on the first run and as such still somewhat an unwilling participant. However by the end of the 2nd run (we went on 6 in total) I really started to have fun, and in the end I'd readily go again.

Yesterday I eased myself back into 40k by finishing off my first squad of The Purge.

After which I assembled my next squad of seven (Da Grot Spee will delay their painting though).


Papa JJ said...

Glad to see that you survived the zip-line adventure, it looks like fun but I think I'd be scared. Great work on the squad for The Purge, how large of a CSM force are you planning for The Purge? I really look forward to seeing your work on the Da' Grot Spee... that's such a cool model!

Da Masta Cheef said...

I was pretty nervous on the first run, as I realized watching other people that it wasn't at all like a ski lift (its WAAAAAY faster!), but I would recommend it now!

I have an old RT Nurgle marine which will be my Lord (I think he's going to get the simple green treatment so I can repaint him to match the Purge), then I plan on (4) squads of 7, and a Predator.

They will be assisted by a small contingent of my remaining Blood Eagles in the form of a Sorcerer, a 9-strong all plasma havoc squad in a rhino, and a dreadnought.

Yeah I kinda felt like a little kid on Christmas going through the Grot Spee's bits & pieces last night. I can't wait to start working on it, though as you all know from my inconsistency, that'll be interspersed with other projects.

Max said...

Love the name!