Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As the blood crazed Berzerkers prepare for battle...

Why yes, I am in fact talking about the shoppers on Black Friday, how did you know?


Hello folks! Turkey day is just about upon us which means its time for a few days off, family, gluttony and Football. I There may be a bit of Christmas shopping too, though I tend to avoid venturing amongst the crazed lunatics during Black Friday. I'm baking a pie this evening, and will stay @ my grandmother's house for a few days which means I'll need something to paint in the evenings.

So I think I'll paint this tank:

My loyalist Imperial Guard tanks FINALLY sold, leaving me with the one I kept, the venerable Executioner. I've base coated it goblin green and compared to its old paint job, it kinda has a 'day-glow' look about it. Of course I'm sure (or rather hope) it'll dull down a good bit when I dirty it up. I kept my loyalist infantry, and with a few minor revisions to their roster, will have a fairly good sized penal legion (with the old 'standard' gun line still around for variety). Basically I just need (1) box of Infantry to replace the squad vox & Special weapons troopers, and to replace the Sgts. (I'm using Mordian Sgts. painted like junior commissars). When all is said and done, with what I have left, I'll have about a 1k or so list. Of course I'll also have a serious lack of anti-tank capability too, but I'll go into further depth on my new penal legion in a future post.

I've also been pondering the Exodites, and I think that'll be a 'go' (I just knew that mini from my last post was going to be trouble). Actually, to fit my idea for them, the best fit would be the Spec Ops Killzone rules from Big Jim's Galaxy in Flames. Till now I had ignored that rule set due mainly to the blanket coverage it was getting from various blogs & podcasts. Whenever everyone everywhere starts telling me that 'this is the next big thing & you need to try it' it tends to annoy me and I usually shut it out (much like Malifaux, Firestorm Armada, War Machine, Flames of War, etc.). Actually I tried War Machine a few times, I just didn't like it, which more or less reinforced my stubborn refusal to be coerced/cajoled into trying new stuff (I'm sure Murl will comment on that).

Locally there doesn't seem to be any interest that I know of for Killzone (or Kill Team games for that matter), but it does fit nicely with the idea I had in mind. I was thinking of a small nomadic Exodite clan/tribe led by a minor chieftain (DA Exarch), the tribe shaman (Warlock) and consisting of a dozen or so warriors (Guardians). Whether that would be the whole tribe (Guardians luckily come with both male & female torsos) or just a portion of it, I don't know and regardless the point is moot. That's about all I want to get. Those dozen or so minis should make for a nice little diversion in terms of painting something different. I have some more ideas to help 'fluff' them out, but those still need some more thought, so like the Penal troopers above, I'll revisit that in a future post.

So everyone in the USA, be sure to enjoy your holiday and of course to eat too much! As for those overseas, well...I hope its a better than average Thursday for you (and by all means in the spirit of our holiday, be sure to eat too much for your dinner too).


Papa JJ said...

The exodite tribe sounds like a cool team for Killzone, perhaps you could bully Murl into trying out a game with you even if it's just to decide you'd rather stick with the normal system. Regardless it still seems like a fun project to paint and model, I'd like to see what you came up with for it. I hope the painting goes well for you and that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving... take care!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thank you sir! Yes Thanksgiving went well, too much was (and in the aftermath still being) eaten. I finished the Executioner rather quickly, and picked up the Game shop's display army rhino to work on in the interim (I had to go there for paint anyhow).

Murl is always wanting to try new games, although kill zone techniaclly doesn't require spending $50-$100 on some random games that we'll play maybe once or twice & then never again (my Eldar purchases rolls in at about $40), so it's not really his 'style'.