Monday, November 15, 2010

Soiled again....


I delved back into working on the The Purge again this weekend. Repainting my previously stripped Chaos Lord George Lupus. George used to have the 'standard' Plague marine paint job which while a nice looking, was too bright to try to match to Purge marines. So here he is:

This is an old mini, Rogue Trader era I think. His power sword is from an old Ork weapon sprue (RT/2nd ed. era as well) with a newer CSM backpack & the standard is from some old Night Goblins if I recall correctly. One thing I hadn't noticed when I painted this model last time around, is that the little Nurgling on his shoulder has actually crapped all down the back of it!

That's disgusting!

I'm not sure if I'll keep the name though, I'm kinda tired of it, I certainly know my local opponents are. The name had more significance back when he led my old Lost and the Damned army which was named (yup, you guessed it) The Rebel Alliance! I've been leaning towards Exedore, who was a character I always liked, and was of a smaller stature as well. That sorta fits wit my desire to use him as a Sorcerer rather than a Lord I'll see I suppose. The name George Lupus name has been around for so long, it may not go away.

Beyond that, I started on some more plague marines, seen below:

The aspiring champion with the twin-bolter was my acting Chaos Lord while while George was losing his identity in a tub of Simple Green. I really like that model though, and he's next on the 'to paint' list!


b.smoove said...

The Rebel Alliance. I'm sorry to hear that you've worn the welcome on that one. It's new to me and I "lol"ed, as the kids would say.

Great stuff.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Unfortunately yes. Were I allowed to have him lead my 728th Sabbat something-or-others I'd resurrect that name in a heart beat. But currently they can only have Alpha legion in an elite slot. Its just not the same.