Friday, February 11, 2011



Lately as you all are aware I've been working on my Exodite army. However when this army gets to the game shop (and theoretically a tournament sometime beyond, assuming I get the hang of them), identifying the conversions may become tiresome. I've already had one friend pick up a dragon knight and say 'ooh, nice jet bike'

Umm, no. They're jet bikes in all the other Exodite armies, not mine.

And therein lays my problem. Locally it probably won't take long for everyone to figure out what is what due to a repetition of appearance. However with new players/opponents, tournament opponents, etc., it could be quite distracting. However Nyhil on Ten Inch Template (some time back) he mentioned that he had a similar problem with all of his Vraks militia conversions, and so created a 'field guide' of sorts for his opponents.

Great idea! Here's what I have so far:

It fits on a standard sheet of paper, and in a tourney scenario I could print my army list on the reverse side, so opponents & TO's would have all the info that they need with a visual reference to boot! The IFS logo can be removed when/if I add more Exodite units. Its basically a filler for dead space @ the moment. Prior to that though, I can just print a few copies off to bring to the FLGS.

My army currently stands at 900ish points, and I was hoping to use it next week for its battlefield debut (the FLGS is closed for gaming tomorrow night), but I got a notice from ebay that my Farseer & Warlocks will be delayed as the seller is buried in the snow.

So they may have to wait another week or so.


Papa JJ said...

This is a great idea, awesome work! I really like all of the Imperial Forestry Service bits too, especially the thought for the day. Haha! Very cool, Masta Cheef.

Loquacious said...

I love this and heartily agree that the forestry service is fantastic.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys! As I said though I can't take credit for the idea as I got it from 10iT.

Yeah, I'm thinking that I need to do some painting on the Forestry Service guys. They're one of my favorite units, and yet still mostly primered after all these years.