Monday, February 21, 2011

Preparing to meet our doom...


So, I think I'm gonna give the ol' Exodites their battlefield debut this coming weekend. They're new, many are newly painted, they're an army that I haven't fielded in years, and an army that I've traditionally had issues with in the past as they require 'finesse' (something I lack entirely).

Basically it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

That said, they're pretty minis, and I've approached the army from more of a pretty/fluffy direction. So effectiveness was never a top priority, but they're not a guaranteed loss either. As I'll be fielding a small army odds are I'll play one of the new guys, one of whom has an attitude that is totally self-defeatist (which is really annoying in all honesty, and I won't even go into is 'gamer funk' issues).


Anyways, here's what I have & will be fielding:

Griffin (counts as jet bike w/twin shuriken catapults, mandiblaster & laser lance)

Doom, Fortune & Guide, Spirit Stones, Runes of warding

Dragon Knights (counts as Wraithguard)
Warlock w/conceal

(7) Dire Avengers
Exarch w/Blade Storm

(10) Guardians
Missile Launcher, Warlock w/Singing Spear & Embolden

(10) Guardians
Scatter Laser, Warlock w/Embolden

Fast Attack:
Shuriken Cannon, Missile Launcher, Spirit Stones

That totals up to 1k, so a good starting point.

Here's a few things of note: The DA Exarch is my original 'bitz' model so lacks the almost default choice of 2 Shuriken cats, oh well. I don't yet have the Vyper (though its on the way). The Vyper was what I chose when I won the design a banner contest on World of Wonder. {:-D I'll probably only have a partially assembled mini on the table as due to all of the recessed areas, its very much a 'paint-as-you-go' model. I'm not going to just slap it together to get it on the table (as one of our Eldar players is want to do, mind boggling as that is). Anyways, if its not here/ready in time, I'll (hopefully be able to) borrow & kit out a war walker from a friend of mine (don't think that he has any Vypers of his own).

I also wonder how long it will be before I have to tell someone (one guy in particular in fact) to pick the Autarch up by the body/base/wing, etc and NOT by the lance! I can't ever understand why people go 'hey can I look at that?' and (it seems instinctively) reach for the most fragile bit to pick a mini up by.

I've also printed off the Exodite field guide, so I'll be able to see how/if that helps in explaining what is what.

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