Monday, May 14, 2012

Gardening in the Grim Dark?


I'm back from my vacation in DC and I must say that I had a lot of fun while there! I got back home Saturday afternoon and have been trying to get all caught back up on everything since. Sundays are often my 'painting' days (unless @ a 40k tourney), however yesterday I spent a good chunk of that painting time showing my grandparents my gazillion photos & telling them about my trip.

I did manage to get in some hobby time, and rather than paint I decided to assemble the box of Guardians I had bought...last summer I think. I had some more Dark Elf leggings to make them into Exodites, however after opening the box, I found that a sprue was missing, meaning I could only make half of the basic grunts (and a call to GW's customer service will be following this post). As such I only managed to get four assembled, which you can see below:

Nothing fancy, just some more bulk for the army. I'm hoping to get them up to the 1500 point mark soon as I can then take them to the 40k tournies in Morristown. Eldar (aside from the 'Dark' kind) are completely unrepresented there, which i think needs correcting.

When I played this army as mentioned in my last post, Neverness asked if these were called 'Gardeners'. lol! Considering that many Eoxdites are farmers to some extent, I rather liked that name, and will be updating their names to that in my Exodite field guide. He also suggested I get some Rangers. Rangers fit in well with the Exodites, and as my trip came in under budget, I ordered a half dozen from GW. I got the old styled ones, as while I like the newer models more, I didn't want to deal with them as they've been rereleased as FAILcost models.

When I get my Gardener replacements & Rangers, I ought to be able to field the Exodites at the 1500 point mark. Effectiveness is debatable, however for an army that was only ever supposed to look pretty, its been able to generally hold its own.


Mordian7th said...

Nice! I always like seeing more exodites - never tried my hand at them myself but have been sorely tempted. Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

I like the evolution from finecast, to failcast, to failcost. Maybe GW should take note since they only seem to be getting worse in quality and more prevalent. Leave resin to the experts (Forgeworld) and stick to plastic.

Da Masta Cheef said...


Gw emailed me saying the metal rangers were out of stock. I will be refunded & have to reorder them when they're back in stock @ the beginning of June. Instead I found the same ones on ebay for $6 cheaper, so I suppose they failed even with metal this time...