Monday, August 27, 2012

Kill the chicken with fire! (and breading...)


Screech and I met R.T.Voril (thanks again to him for the photos) yesterday for what was supposed to be a tournament in Morristown. However no one else showed up, so instead he kindly walked us thru our first game of 6th ed instead (all the while asking variations of 'do ya get it, can we go eat chicken now?' which is where this post's title came from). Figuring on a tourney while not knowing the 6th ed rules, I opted to over compensate with brute firepower, while Screech just said 'screw it' and used one of his preexisting mech IG lists.

Note the new base coat on the new Basilisk.
Neither of us had any pyskers, fortifications, aircraft, or allies. Just kept it simple as one way or another they were going to be learning games. I say I overcompensated, as in 1500pts., I had 2 Basilisks, a Manticore and 2 lascannon heavy weapon squads, plus the usual horde of garbage infantry, a command squad with NORK DEADGOD!!! mounted in a Chimera, and the ever popular septic tank (Bane Wolf). Its what Hive Angel likes to call my 'leaf blower' list, lol!

Speaking of leaf blowers,  Screech had his usual all vets in Chimeras (barring the one squad with the mortar and sniper rifles), Straken's command squad, Pask in a vanquisher and a standard Leman Russ (no Valks though...).

We fought long table edge to long table edge, 5 objectives, only the 1st turn was night fight, bad air...or something turned all HTH wounds into poisoned attacks (we forgot to use that), my warlord trait gave my command squad Counter-attack whilst in my deployment zone, however being close combat oriented and in a chimera, it was a waste. Straken's trait put a -1 on my non-existent reserves. I'm sure we forgot a lot of things (like snap firing at charging units, and what the objectives do till the tail end of the game) but it was still fun...for me anyways.

Advancing into the teeth of my siege line...
There were cries of woe and lament from Screech all game. My IG sucks! Its going on the shelf, I'm getting Elysians, etc., indeed, GW's attempt to 'fix' vehicles does seem to have made them kinda frail. Why is it they always go too far? It seems too easy to just glance/hull point a vehicle to death.  Its odd to think that fluff bunny foot slogging IG horde fits the new (((cringe))) 'meta' (ugh, disgusts me just to use that word in the context of my armies). Then again, GW did more or less thumb their noses at the tourney crowd.

In the end I didn't table him, as the game ended with 5 'loyalist scum' still on the table. I had one objective to his none, plus had the first blood VP, though by game's end I'd lost all units in his deployment zone so no line breaker points. We had to berate Screech to agree to try his army again a few more times in other scenarios before shelving it (and with perhaps using his 2 Valkyries?).

We then packed up and went to Zaxby's, where they killed chicken with fire...and breading.


Loquacious said...

did you have fun?

Hive Angel said...

Paragraph 4, last sentence.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, yeah what he said. It'll take some time to get used to.

Screech wasn't having fun, but certain units, like Pask in a vanquisher is still a colossal waste of points IMO. That tank cost almost as much as my three heavies combined! (and only killed one of them before dying) After making some adjustments, he ought to like it more.

Also I think the first blood VP more or less hands a freebee to whomever goes first, which is kind of lame.

rogue.trader.voril said...

CLEANSE is with fire! ... and breading. Get it right. Although I'm liking: Suffer not the chicken to live. Zaxby's being our after action debrifing location of choice.

It was a good first game. There is so much new to remember it's pretty easy to forget it... especially if you have played other editions for a while and are not use to doing things that way. More practice and reading over the BRB on your own will help that.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed, I figure there will e all sorts of stuff forgotten in games fro quite a while. Thanks for the instructions though, was much appreciated (even by Screech though given the way the games went he may be loathe to admit it).

Cleanse with fire, kill with fire...its all the same isn't it?

madival said...

Knoxville does a small sixth edition tournament that is friendly and learning oriented . We. Should go.

rogue.trader.voril said...

Since when does Knoxville do:

A) Learning Oriented?

B) Friendly?

C) Jack Shit?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Hive Angel said...

Drive 2+ hours to Knoxville to learn 40K 6th edition. What the instructor use a cheese army and you get a steam rolled army. What fun, what instruction, WTF?

LOL 2.0

madival said...

I brought the cheese Actually. They seem nice enough. What did I miss?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Well if you're bringing the cheese, then how is it friendly?

madival said...

I wanted to see how the nob bikers would do. They won't be back. Chattanooga is gonna get the skull cracking list though