Monday, August 13, 2012

Punted back to the reserves...


Very little painting was done by me this week. I had plenty of time to paint yesterday, just didn't feel like it. Instead I sprawled out on the recliner and fell asleep while watching the St. Louis Rams look as bad in their 2012 preseason as they have in the past several regular seasons.

I did paint some knee pads though! (Yeah I know, kinda lame right?) From what the rumors say, all that I'll need for a Dark Angels allied contingent will come in the stater box that GW will release whenever they realize some of us don't want to buy the big-fucking-rulebook. I've already heard comments online of 'I'm tired of carrying this book around'. indeed we gamers are a lazy lot.

Anyways, while I have no idea what the new starter minis will look like, they're going to be a hellova lot better than these guys' poses. Figuring that they wouldn't fit in too well, I redid their knee pad company markings, and dumped them into the 6th reserve company, and instead the starter box minis will get the 3rd. battle company markings.

I suppose the real reason that I didn't feel like painting yesterday was because I was still kinda wiped out from Saturday. The gentlemen of the road was in town and my GF & I spent the afternoon and night wandering around, watching shows, and in general enjoying ourselves. It was a really good time! The weather was perfect and the headline act, the Mumford & Sons, put on a hellova good show!

One other thing I painted this week was this homely looking thing at left. One of favorite (if somewhat useless) vehicles in CBT is the AC-2 Carrier. They've never released a model for it, or even an illustration!

Basically its a 60 ton, mud slow, card board box (the upgraded LBX version is armored in plywood) with 5 fixed forward AC-2s. AC-2s are long ranged but otherwise crummy weapons. In very specific scenarios (i.e. when parked next to a lance of Alacorn heavy tanks) Its quite exceptional at exploiting the damage the heavier tanks inflict. However I don't have those, so its just kinda there for my amusement. The AC-2 Carrier has only 2 things going for it. Incredible long range, allowing it to hide in a corner and hope to not annoy my opponent enough to draw any fire, and ammo. This thing has a stupid amount of ammo! I could fire all 5 guns, for all 20 turns, and still have 80 rounds left over, WTF? Anyways, I converted a Hi-Drone Scout carrier (which is another useless 60-ton card board box) for this model.


Hive Angel said...

I say go ahead and try using the AC/2 carrier. They are just as fragile as the SRM carrier I think. Besides if a mech commits to silencing the AC/s carrier it is open to fire from other sources. Don't forget its damage can add to 20 dam piloting skill roll as well. I think the main problem is its point cost when trying to place it in a 8K force. Still it would be interesting to see how it does or what it does.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I've used them before & they never amounted to much aside from crit seeking after the alacorn lance beat the snot out of something. That said, I've always found them amusing & its cheap enough that it doesn't eat up much in the way of points. Basically its like a long ranged SRM 5.

Hive Angel said...

The SRM and LRM are about 800+ points and the AC/2 is 400+ points. Same speed and armor though.

Two SRM carriers equals a full lance of AC/s carriers. Incoming AC/2 spam!