Friday, August 3, 2012

PAINT! That model needs paint!!!


Screech came over for his birthday last night. I took him out to dinner and we then played a bit of a refresher game of CBT. 5k, just a straight up 'kill each other' setup.

His Nova Cats fielded:

Novacat Prime
Shadow Cat Prime (I think)

My Hell's Horses fielded:

(2) Oro Heavy Tanks (HAG variant)
Corvis 2

A staged shot of the early casualties.
Starting off his Shadow Cat ran straight forward taking cover behind his wrapped birthday present (which was 2 blisters of Joust Medium Tanks).   The nova cat held back, while my tanks rushed forward to flank with the Corvis hanging back. The next turn saw my first connecting hit when an Oro damned near decapitated the Shadow Cat with a large pulse laser. In return he tore quite a bit of the armor off of the two tanks.

What followed thereafter was a quick, brutal, and short ranged firefight in which the Shadow Cat all but disintegrated under the Oro's HAGs  and LPLs (HAG stands for Heavy Assault Gauss, or as I like to call it: Huge Awesome Guns).  Whereas one Oro popped, while the second lost most of its armor, had tread damage and its turret jammed sideways (its just not a proper game of CBT unless I have a tank with that problem). In that state, the Nova cat easily out maneuvered the Oro & popped it.

Paper buildings do NOT like to be landed on!
That left just the untouched Corvis and the lightly damaged Nova Cat, or in other words, a 70 ton Omnimech vs. a 40 ton Second line (non-omni) mech. That's a pretty uneven match, despite the damage to the Nova's armor. Undeterred, my Corvis charged into what I predicted would be a foolishly suicidal duel. Out maneuvering the bigger and slower omni, and spending most turns jumping from one paper building to the next, my dice were hot and his were mediocre! With that equalizing the tonnage disparity, we engaged in an epic dual in which during the final turn the Nova Cat came apart, while simultaneously silencing the HAG in one arm, while tearing the entire left  torso and other arm off!!!

Yeah that was awesome! In recognition for his glorious actions, the Corvis shall receive a proper paint job this weekend. Below are the record sheets for the two mechs showing just how badly beat up they were at the end of the game.
Yeah, that just HAD to hurt!!!

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