Monday, September 17, 2012

Battletech Tanks


I spent Friday night and Saturday of this weekend at a local music festival, so after a collective 15ish hours of music and fair food (deep fried EVERYTHING), I was feeling kinda dead yesterday. Normally that's my main weekend painting day, so not much got done. Conveniently though CBT tanks paint up pretty quickly because they're tiny.

The AC-2 Carrier is so screwed...

I repainted the AC-2 Carrier to match the 'generic' color scheme that I've since picked (its not so much as generic, as it is used by 3 separate units from 3 different factions). As well as the two Scorpions (AC-5s removed, because the three available missile variants are so much better), and finally my two Oro heavy tanks for the Hell's Horses. I purchased those prior to deciding on going for just cheap tanks due to the damage charts, however considering that everything in the Clan arsenal is brutally expensive, they are still sorta cheap...maybe. Okay probably not, but those HAG 30s hit like a truck so who cares?

On the 40k side of things, I got a little bit more work done to Bane, my DA Chaplain, will try to get him finished up this week. Its odd, I've found myself unable to motivate myself to paint him up, whereas I cranked out the 2nd ed. 5-man DA tac. squad in no time at all. Must be a result of seeing all of the new and pretty Dark Vengeance DAs...


Hive Angel said...

I might give my Manticores a whirl soon. I think if I keep them back and let loose on the long range weapons they will take most damage to the front. It is the side hits which tear any vehicle up fast. Kind of makes me think we get too close for comfort with our vehicles, but better to lose a vehicle than a mech.

On the 40K side it looks like you have broken into your DV boxed set.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Could be. Of course intervening terrain often leaves little choice but to move forward. Such things are what caused the AC2 carrier to act like it was a cavalry vehicle, whereas the hover APCs are suicide machines to begin with.

Oh, and aside from the little rulebook, nope. Its quite tempting though. Want to get that chaplain painted before I do, or else I'll never get back to him.