Thursday, September 13, 2012

The bloody fields of Tennessee


Been kind of a busy week, as such there wasn't any progress on the hobby front aside from priming some minis and reading thru the little 6th ed rulebook.  The reason my week was so busy was that I played two games instead of painting stuff (an excellent excuse I think...).

Lars in all his glory!
Tuesday evening, Neverness came over and we stumbled thru a 1k game of 40k. There's quite a bit that'll take quite a while to wrap my head around, but I'm/we're making progress. I fielded 1k of the ever popular  'Rebel Alliance' (CSMs), although my Nurgle Sorcerer George Lupus wasn't present for this battle against the Space Puppies. However my Chaos Lord Lars Blood Eagle led the Alliance to a crushing 13-3 victory (or rather, the winds of Chaos cursed Neverness' dice so horribly, that my CSMs simply had to go thru the motions). He took several photos, however its debatable as to whether or not he'll actually want to blog about a battle-turned-debacle. We had fun though which is what counts.

Moving on to last night, Hive Angel came over for yet another rousing game of Battletech. My Taurian 3rd Lancers took on his SLDF in a brutal assault mech slugfest (with a smattering of small, fast and very light support units). I took a few photos and he took copious notes as per his usual (he's getting quite good at battle reports). Due to time (damned near midnight) we called it early, but it ws fairly close to a draw I think. I'll let him go into the fine details of the game, but I thought I'd post an image of pure OVERKILL!!!! Yes folks, what you see below is a 95 ton Banshee, unleashing its full compliment of firepower in its (successful) attempt to kill a mere 10 ton SRM hover APC (luckily no infantry were embarked within), lol!

Really? I mean REALLY???


neverness said...

I intend to put up a blog post soon about that game. I am contemplating taking Warfrog's advice about getting a slingshot though... :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, as much as I like to win, I have to endorse that idea. Those dice of yours really need to go!