Monday, September 24, 2012

Post-weekend update


I played one out of two prospective games and got a little bit of painting done as well, here's the recap:

Friday game vs. Rob fell thru as expected. Now that summer is over perhaps he'll get to play some. Actually I ran into him at the FLGS where I was getting some paint and the 'new' White Dwarf for the first time in years (it seems alright i guess). He was getting one as well and I asked why as he doesn't game anymore. lol, that was met with a snarled 'yeah, tell me about it!'

Saturday Screech came over and his Thousand Sons took on my Aurora Scouts along with a small contingent of the Ultramar Defense Force (as those guys have been seconded out to the IG, I'm not sure if I should still call them that or not).  Anyways was a 1k game, 'The Relic' scenario, with the funky triangular deployment zones. He got the Warlord kill VP (plus another as his warlord trait, as his WL killed mine in a challenge), he got first blood, and line breaker, and had the objective for most of the game, it seemed all was lost....till I table him or rather, the basilisk table him (...snicker...).

My close combat scout combat squads & captain did a decent job of taking down one squad of Sons, and wounding the CSM termie lord at the cost of their own lives. The PDF troopers killed a few chosen, and the other 15 scouts (9 of them with sniper rifles) killed just one chosen...WTF?!?

 (Okay that's probably an exaggeration, I'm sure they killed something else...maybe, but honestly I can only recall one actual kill. As always, the Sgt. w/sniper rifle consistently rolled 2's to hit and with that guy training them, why should I be surprised...)

 My Aurora dakka pred it should be noted was hitting with about 90% of its shots all game That's pretty good for a scout crew with only a BS of 3, hell it was better than when I have real marines for crew! However it kept shooting at Thousand Sons who would simply comment 'We're dead you fool.' and continue to wade thru the incoming fire, lol.

On the painting front, work on the Chosen was initially delayed as my paint recipe calls for scorched brown, which I have been out of for quite some time.  So painting couldn't begin till I picked up a bottle of the new rhinox hide at the FLGS (given the horn on this guy's helm, I was already thinking of naming him 'rhinox'). That and then I spent a good deal of my time at my grandparent's house yesterday helping my grandfather on projects around their house rather than painting. Beautiful day out, and am always happy to help them, so that was just fine by me.

Its been a rather long time since I've last painted a Blood Eagle CSM, but the base color still came to a pretty good match with the others. One  thing I noticed though, those that I already have painted, were done prior to when I started using washes again. Anymore that's just standard operating procedure, however to use a wash would alter their color substantially.

So I'll probably skip the wash as I don't want to go back and have to repaint the models that I already have done. That seems to be more counter productive than anything. Lacking any actual troops models (the Blood Eagles have always been something of a hard luck case, with a meager number of marines amongst their ranks), I was figuring on just using cultists (in the periodic event of when the Blood Eagles get paired off as an allied contingent) and figure I can uses washes on them. Would be fitting for those grubby little bastards, lol!


Mordian7th said...

Nice! I like that color scheme, looking forward to seeing them all come together!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks! As with any of my armies, painting is a years long piecemeal effort. Luckily the various/multicolored CSM contingents (Red Corsairs aside) are pretty close to a fully painted army. That said, the Blood Eagles themselves only have half dozen of so models that are fully painted.