Monday, April 7, 2014

OMG the Terrain!!!


Just a quick post that's really just a shout out to our FLGS.

Lately the turnout at Hobbytown USA has been pretty good, and terrain has been at a premium. Granted, the terrain we have is really good and there's already a lot of it by most stores' standards (going off those that I've been to in the past, some of which were also quite generous in that regard). The weekend prior to this past one we had 7 tables, of which 2 had 3 players at them. The owner stopped by to see how things were going and we asked for more terrain.

Well damn did the store and it's employees (who did all the assembly and painting) deliver!!!

The photo above is our SECOND painted and flocked Realm of Battle board! With a second painted Bastion, and as you can see with a Wall of Martyrs (possibly more than one), a Firestorm Redoubt, along with an aegis defense line! Its not all painted just yet, but pretty damn close, and its also painted pretty damned good too!

Also the table it sits on has a lip around the edge which keeps the RoB sections from sliding around (always an issue in the past). As such, I was told that they're making another for the other RoB as well.

With teh interwebz is constantly maligning GW's 1-man store concept and whatnot (not an issue for us because there are none within several hours drive), and saying the FLGS concept is dead and gone with the advent of online miniature purchases. I thought I'd just mention that the friendly local game store, for us anyways, is still be THE place to be for local and friendly gaming!


rogue.trader.voril said...

That's why we travel an hour and a half to play up there.

Da Masta Cheef said...

And we're glad you guys do!

neverness said...

Thanks to Bob, Mary, Patrick and the rest of the Hobbytown team for their support of our hobby; it's most appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

You sure are a lot nicer online. And yes, it's definitely worth the drive up to play.


Necron Bob said...

Having a nice hobby store makes life better. I hope people spend there money there to help them get a return on investment.

Is there any Fantasy played up there? I'd like to check the place out. Nothing better than visiting a nice shop!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh yes, we certainly spend a fortune there (not a difficult thing with these games)! Occasionally WHFB is played, but most times no. Its best to set up a WHFB game if you post on our group's page beforehand: