Monday, August 18, 2014

Our X-Wing collection expands!


Well, this weekend was the first of 3 in a row where we won't make it to the FLGS for Saturday night gaming. However all was not lost on the gaming front. Yesterday was my 39th birthday, and my wonderful and amazing girlfriend took me for an overnight stay in Asheville, NC. As always we lots of fantastic food, spent too much $$$ and had a great time! She also gave me two new X-Wing minis, my two favorites:

the TIE advanced and the Y-Wing!

I know most people lament the TIE advanced when Vader isn't at the controls but whatever, its my favorite class of TIE! Likewise, when I was a kid I had a toy Y-Wing and that poor thing was beat all too hell when I finally out grew it. We also picked up a new organizer case for our X-Wing toys! My GF saw the same one linked over and over on various X-Wing forums, so we opted for that one. It fits everything with plenty of room left for more, and it was all of $10.52 on (when shipped to our local store for pick up).

As a child, my biggest fear of adulthood was no more toys at Christmas and birthdays. Well kids, at the ripe old age of 39, I can assure you there's nothing to worry about on that front!

Also as you can see above, the YT-1300 has received more paint. This is the extent of the red. I've also painted the engine to look a bit like its lit, and now just have little touch ups. Speaking of the YT, the other night, out of nowhere a name popped to my head for the ship: The Scarlet Harlot. I like it, as does my GF so I think I'll stick with that.



Imperial Recruitment said...

The Scarlet Harlot. I'll take things that are not worth the price of a penicillin shot for $200, Alex.

Archon Voril said...

Good recommendations on that type of box for transport? My forces have outgrown the case I transport mine in. Time for an upgrade.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ I.R.: lol!

@ A.V.: Yes it's going to work nicely I think. Plenty of room to expand, though we may run into trouble if we add a bunch more large ships...

Archon Voril said...

For now I only have the Lambda and the Falcon.