Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Grapes of, I mean Rebellion!


Just a quick post due again to a minimum of free time. Whilst I said I was going to repaint the HWK-290 next, actually (as you can see) my X-Wing and Y-Wing got painted instead. Purple is my favorite color and well as my GF's, so it was an obvious choice for us.

Locally the Rebellion has: the Stock red and yellow squadrons, Voril's Green Squadron, Kushial's Blue Squadron, and now our Purple Squadron. So ummm...yeah, Taste the rainbow you Imperial Bitches!!!
I had a bit of an 'oops-oh shit!' moment painting around the cockpit of the Y, so I covered over my mistake with Rakarth Flesh. That paint is just a hair off of the color the ships come painted as. While its not noticeable on the X-Wing touch ups, on the Y I ended up having to apply enough of it to where it didn't look right. Looked kinda flat actually. I hit it with a wash, which fixed the flat issue, but made it considerably darker, so ay my GF's suggestion, I gave the same treatment to the engine strut-things to balance the ship out. I suppose it came out alright, and if not...well, there's always a life for it as some Scum and Villainy!


Archon Voril said...

Yeah, rainbow bitches!

Brandon Fero said...

Thanks for the laugh. :)