Monday, August 4, 2014



We went to a family reunion this past weekend and thus I lack any gaming photos. Additionally, my Grymn gun team from my last post has had a bit more work done to it, but nothing too photogenic just yet.

I pulled this off of the interwebz, so no idea who to give the photo credit to other than (presumably) the US Navy.

Instead I thought I'd post a few pics a buddy of mine (and currently former 40k gamer) sent me. He's a Lieutenant in the US Navy and the ship on which he serves, the USS Rodney M. Davis FFG 60 recently took part in this year's RIMPAC 2014 naval exercise. Whilst its not too visible, he said the Rodney was in the second row from the left, 4th ship back in line. He said it was crazy to be in the middle of so many ships in such close proximity and moving at speed!

 Here are the photos he sent me from within the fleet above:

I know that that's the USS Independence on the right. 

At least this one has a glimpse of the Rodney in the bottom corner.

The JDS Kirishima and the carrier: USS Ronald Reagan.
Photo Credit for all photos: US Navy photo by LT. Daniel Denton/Released.

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