Thursday, November 20, 2014

...and so Infinity begins...


With my 40k minis going out the door in droves these days, I'll admit that very, very few minis are coming back in to replace them. Indeed, in exchange for the 100-200 or so minis that I've sold on ebay, only 5 new ones have been purchased with the proceeds (maybe 6...I think I bought a Battletech mech a month or so back as well). The rest of the $$$ has been dumped into the checking account and thus spent via the usual daily living expenses.

New toys, yay!

Of those few new toys, all (one mech aside) are for Corvus Belli's Infinity. I've purchased for myself an Ariadna Dozer-Engineer (below on the left) to go along with a pair of Traktor Mules (above), and a Moblot to use as a Lt. Only one of the Mules will be for me however with the other going to my GF Wolfy. I also bought a Dozer-Engineer for her as well, though her's is a Hasslefree mini rather than the Infinity model.

Her small collection of HF minis are all female and I figured we'd continue with that theme. However, Corvus Belli's female Dozer-Engineer is a ridiculous pin-up poster-like model with an RPG on her shoulder….because that's typical of even a sci-fi combat setting right? Bikini Battle Armor for the win! and all that nonsense. Instead I got Hasslefree's Modern Trooper: 'Harlequin' pictured below, who as you can see in the side-by-side comparison, looks badass while still being equal (equipment-wise) with her Corvus Belli sculpted male counterpart.

Copyrights of Corvus Belli and Hasslefree Miniatures.

Since we're just starting out, we'll both use her HF minis as stand-ins for: Metros, Line Kazaks and/or Caledonians, and one as a Wulver (who I've already decided is a: shoot that one first!!! model). These, along with the minis above clock in at a 100 point starting force for the each of us. After we figure the game's rules out more, we can decide then as to where we want to go with our troops from there...or if we'd prefer a different faction, etc..

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greggles said...

Woo! Love some of the infinity mini's. Their resculpts have been amazing.