Thursday, November 13, 2014

The state of my 40k: Astral Claws


Arch Centurion Carnac Commodus in all his glory!

Current Disposition: 

With the demise of my Tyrant's Legion army as the cultists have long since gone the way of ebay, my Astral claws are kindova small and redundant army now. They're also the last army I played prior to my 4ish month hiatus from 40k. Indeed, when 40+ models died to Mephiston (with biomancy of course!) and the Sanguinor who themselves were nigh invulnerable...yeah, that was soooo much fun I simply waked away from 40k for awhile. Now that I've returned, I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the game...but on a higher note, some IG models that went the way of ebay earlier this week funded some new Infinity minis!

Regardless, the state of this army is abysmal. Devoid of cultists, they're just a SM army now. However the almost fully painted Storm Wardens have commandeered the Astral Claws predator, and the Angry Marines have stolen their rhino leaving them on foot.

Future Recruitment:


The Ebay Threat:

lol, well...why don't you check out their current ebay listing here.


The Mad Mek said...

Stick with what you are having fun with! Gork and Mork won't be pleased (unless you are Krumpin' some 'eads in Infinity). I'm really tempted to bid on these guys....

Da Masta Cheef said...

Please do! Bid high! Bid often! Storm Wardens 'and friends' will be taking to the field tonight. I think I'll hold off on the Orks though till my Green Alliance KS Orks show up. I'm hoping those rejuvenate my enthusiasm for da boyz.

Whereas I don't think I'll really get Infinity going on the table top till after 3rd ed drops sometime next month (letting the people who already play, figure out the changes first), but I can start with the painting at least.

Screech said...

Don't worry. The chittering horde will do their best to drive you away from the game for another 4 months.

Now, did you order one or two Tervigons with your swarm Lord or would you like to substitute that with 3 Carnifex?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Don't flatter yourself, GW has done far more damage to my opinion of the game than your army will be able to muster...

Screech said...