Monday, February 23, 2015

The first battle for Wylsh independence...


I wasn't going to do a Bolt Action battle report for Friday's game, but Neverness was outraged by the notion, and so Wolfy started snapping pics after the game was underway. As such, the set up was 500 points, Quar (Dad's Army) vs. some British paratroops  fielded by Kushial. He was using Cadian (or is that Canadian? yeah, I think I'll go with Canadian) proxies as he hasn't gotten his actual Warlord minis yet. The mission was maximum attrition/colonial oppression. Basically: Kill them...kill them all!

Group pic! From left-to-right: Kushial, Dallas (in back playing X-Wing), Screech, Bob, Jim, and Myself.
The photos start just following the treachery from afar! I rolled a '1' and Kushial pushed my artillery strike marker right into the middle of my line (which was devastating) and that was followed immediately thereafter by his arty strike. Ouch!
The Canadians advance...
Here the Canadian 'Jeep'  is targeted by my tank just after it mowed down my medium mortar team.
BOOM! My tank's first vehicle kill!
My 2nd Militia squad arrives (finally, though thankfully after all the of the artillery strikes).
Canadians be damned, my Commandos outflank and open fire!!!
Bob looks puzzled, probably wondering why his armies didn't fare nearly as well as this one is...
Casualties in this firefight are light (thus far) as all models need a 5+ to be wounded.
The tank tries to soften up the oncoming horde with its MMG, but does little more than aerate some Quonset huts...
They're getting closer! Unable to depress the MMG far enough to be effective, the tank only kills one Canadian.
The militia add their weight of fire, though like last week they cause little damage.
With a blood curdling charge, they attack my tank with grenades!
Tank go BOOM! Sad face.
Meanwhile the rest of the Canadians mop up what little Quar resistance is left. Luckily the game ended on turn 6, saving me from getting tabled.

Well there we have it, that so-called 'elusive victory' I was looking for last With the odds of the Quar getting their own BA sourcebook being literally nil, the Wylsh division will stay firmly under the British colonial heel. It was a good game, though that misplaced artillery strike was the beginning of the end, as my army never really recovered from it. Oh well, such is the way of not-so-friendly fire.


Kushial said...

Yeah, I really think you're going to need to deploy an officer to babysit those militia squads. Without that leadership bump, that one squad spent the entire game unable to overcome those three pin markers from that deviated artillery strike.

And there was no brutal oppression, merely a firmly applied guidance in .303 (Enfield) and 9mm (Sten Gun).

Da Masta Cheef said...

The problem is, the Officer can't be everywhere at once. That said, I'll be using a captain when I (eventually) have the North Africa list). Dad's Army will always have the crummy, inexperienced Lt.