Monday, February 2, 2015

Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun in action!


Oi! Wut's dat???
Finding myself bereft of a game and not wanting to play some Kroot (because GW made them into a totally redundant shooting unit), I asked if I could add a 250 point allied contingent onto Wolfy's game. Both sides were happy to oblige, and so Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun joined the fray as a desperate ally to the Fem Fa'Tau (the life of a grot is always desperate, so this was nothing new...).

1250 points, Big Gunz Never Tire; Standard, long board edge deployment, wiv Chris' red beakies going first. There were no Pyskers or super-heavies, so like my game with Mac's Red Corsairs some ways back, we were basically playing 6th ed 40k.


Da Duvishun deployed!
Da Red Beakies.
Oh, and uh...there were some Fem Fa'Tau on the table as well.
Da big black fing approaches, dropping a Beakie Deff Dread at the end of its move!
Red Wunz Die Fasta!

FIRE FULL BROADSIDE!!! (Note: this resulted in killing 3 marines from Asteroth's death company squad. Thus my sales pitch of: "it just looks awesome, it doesn't actually do anything..." went right out the window).

Takin' da hill, takin' da hill..
In the Grim Darkness of the future, rocks are still deadly weapons...
TANK GO BOOM! Da Grot Spee took credit for this kill claiming it was a stray (but deadly) shot, the Fem Fa'Tau and their overwhelming firepower dispute this fact though...
Uh oh, we made da black wunz angry!
They only manage to inflict 2 hull points lost and a crew stunned damage result. The next round, the grot crew would start the shooting phase by rolling a 1, meaning there was no shooting as the crew descended into a state of blind panic!
Lacking any skyfire capabilities, the Fem Fa'Tau just ignore the black monster, who's shooting was just as ineffective...
Yeah, don't worry Spess Mahreenz, you really don't see those over there...
CHARGE!!! Bu, but Boss...dose are deff cumpny?
Incredulous when he heard the rules for the Grabba Stikk, Asteroth still kills SCHULTZ!!!, meanwhile 5 grots are slaughtered, providing enough distraction for Cactus Bob (a big mek) to cut one Deff cumpny down. Cactus Bob then rolled a 3 for LD and Da Grot Duvishun held its ground!
Tying da deff cumpny up for a 2nd turn, da duvishun is torn apart and run down! Their sacrifice though allows Da Grot Spee to maneuver itself to safety...
Umm, the Tau and da beakies were fighting or something too...
Stalking forward, battle brother Lazarus catches a glimpse of movement, and looks up in time to see...the flying hunk of granite that kills him! Astonished that a fucking rock killed a member of the vaunted Adeptus Astartes, the squad is pinned in place for a turn, huzzah!
Meanwhile on another table...Skylar rolls armor saves for a squad of Khorne Berserkers and...the blood flows with failure.
After all sorts of supporting fire shenanigans, no casualties are inflicted and the Blood Angels reach the Fem Fa'Tau lines!
Yeah...Chris didn't like that rock lobba after it pinned his squad and um, yeah. It died.
Ah yes, the assault that wasn't. The sanguinary guard charges and its a tied combat as neither side suffered any casualties. WHAT. THE. SERIOUS. FUCK?
But, but where...where did our Devilfish go?
Still going...
Oh yes, yes Longstrike knows what that is....folks, we like to call that rear armor!!!
Da smoke clears and...what the fuck? Its still there?!?! (only for some Pathfinders to gun it down shortly thereafter...Da Grot Spee would claim that kill as well!) It also got to fire its BOOM! Kannister for the first time EVER! It didn't kill anything, but scared the shit out of Asteroth!
Note: there are a lot less red guys...
For some odd reason, da Fem Fa'Tau concern themselves with securing objectives...
...and yet more objectives, whatever, Da Grot Divishun (what little was left of it) was killing stuff! (or at least claiming to be)
Finally, the Fire warriors break, but are not run down! However Chris had to leave early because he lives in BFE, so we wrapped things up at the end of turn 4.
We had first blood, and 2 objectives, whereas Chris' Red Beakies had Line breaker. A glorious victory, huzzah!


neverness said...

Good show sir! Those grots must have been Bloodthirsty due to neglect! ...mine will probably crazy savage whenever they next land on a game table!

sonsoftaurus said...

Good to see the Grot Spee in action!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Be careful Neverness, they're liable to turn on you...

Indeed Taurus. Da Grot Spee was my whole incentive of playing 40k this go round (aside from not having any other options).

SinSynn said...

Stoopid Beakies.
Any color.
They're all stoopid.

Greg Hess said...

Grot mega tank looks AMAZING! I have got to get me one of those!

Sonsoftherock said...

Absolutely the reaction I just had (OMG that looks awesome I must have one) Great battle report, made me smile. Loving names of your Orks units and the Fem Fa Tau is a cool pun too.