Thursday, April 23, 2015

Codex Craftworlds: A license for abuse...but who's?

Actually this was written 2 years ago alongside the previously released Codex. However as is proper for any finely crafted cheese, they had to keep it in cold storage for 2 years before its release...

I don't normally write posts about rumors, but rather just nerd rage about them on FB, Faeit 212, and BoLS like most folks do. However a thought occuried to me in a conversation (amidst all of the other nerd raging) on BoLS with another commenter named (no pun intended) 'Nameless'.

lol, here it is:

Yeah that's about as inspiring as the average weather forecast in Seattle.

True, there are those who are anything but 'fun' to play against with the soon-to-be obsolete Eldar codex, but the new dex already has an online petition to ban Eldar from all competitive play (I still think this is encouraging GW as they insist 40k isn't a competitive game). Regardless it appears that the 'screaming online minority' (as its called) has come to the general consensus that all Eldar players are suddenly douche-bags! Indeed, more so than the codex writers themselves (funny that...).

However I can easily see the potential of Craftworlds spawning all sorts of douche-baggery, such as I mentioned above: 'well now I can bring the cheesiest thing that I can put on the table, and you can't complain about it because you're playing Eldar...' becoming a common occurrence. In some cases it already did with the current codex.  Craftworlds will in effect be the license/excuse for anyone to abuse army list-building (which I think is already waaaay too commonplace in 40k).

The modern-day-equivalent of 'Bladestorm'?

GW's apparently blind ignorance to the fact that portions of their player base is willing to do what they can, rather than what they ought to do with the rules given to them is really Forging the wrong narrative about what 40k is all about! (...and for those wondering, that narrative should be fun for both players...)

Just my 2 cents on the subject...


Mike M said...

You know (or at least SHOULD know) When you have entire forums dedicated to how bad your rules are written (RAW vs RAI) that there are shenanigans afoot. I don't know if they are oblivious or indifferent, but the outcome is he same.

And before anyone bitches that 'they are a company and have to make money', or 'this is what everyone gets when GW does/ doesn't listens to the masses'... bullshit! There are plenty of games out there making very good products who keep a very loyal fanbase and a quality product. The best way to get money (and keep a fanbase) is to offer a well balanced and quality product.

Screech said...

I don't see what you're trying to insinuate with that last image. I used AT weapons during breaching drills (though keeping a clear backblast was sometimes difficult).

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, AT weapons vs whomever is behind a wooden door?

That looks like overkill to me...kinda like 10 jetbikes with Shuriken cannons, or scatter lasers, or D weapons everywhere...