Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bolt Action Reinforcements!


Lately all of our new gaming acquisitions have come via trade-in credit with Noble Knight Games (with more on the way). However prior to that, I made a small splurge with my income tax return for some more Quar to use with my Bolt Action forces.

A new Lt. for my 'Wylsh Division' (who are about to be deployed to North Africa). As well as a tank, and a squad of Rhyflers with an LMG team. In back, the critter and accompanying pile of parts will serve as a Tachanka for the Partisans.
 Firstly, I'm reorganizing my Quar forces, splitting my Wylsh Division (Dad's Army) into an Operation Lightfoot (North Africa, 1942) force and a Russian partisan force. One or two bases aside, the only repaint will be for my Quar bag-piper. The multi-colored uniforms from the Dad's army Quar will work just as well as partisans. No doubt being survivors from various units which were smashed by the German advance. Likewise, my painted Quar tank will be remain the same in all but name (in the rule books), as the British Vickers 6-ton light tank was sold to the Russians to be built under license (and the Russians built thousands of them!).

My new Lt.
My Wylsh infantry units (which are conveniently unpainted for the most part) will be painted like a proper army (unlike my Partisans). My new Quar tank will be used to represent a Bishop SP howitzer even though like my other tank, it bears little resemblance to the actual British design. However it has a fixed forward gun and is fully enclosed, matching the Bishop's in-game stats, so there are no worries really.With the optional AT rounds, It'll function more like an assault gun anyways (which it more closely resembles).

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The Quar Tachanka is literally just that, a horse (or cadier in the Quar's case) drawn cart with a meduim machine gun mounted in it. Its ridiculously fragile, but equally cheap in points. So if the enemy is shooting at it, I'm not losing much. If they aren't, then it'll easily make up its points in a single round (in theory). The Russian Partisans don't have any access to shotguns, so my Quar that is equipped with one will go on the Tachanka's base. Its no loss really, as that weapon is a 5 point upgrade and its user has yet to actually hit anything! Now I just need to figure out what size warmahordes bases are available for it...

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