Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday afternoon rim jobs...

...bases, I meant BASES!!! Get your minds out of the gutter! lol, however with a title like that, the page-hit counter ought to spike up just a bit!

The painted chunk of my army (minus the tank)
As I stated previously, the paint I was using for my Quar's Warmahordes bases was the discontinued color of Gretchin Green. Luckily, as one of GW's 'base' paints, it was easily covered with Warboss Green (and please, please, please let that color be in current production!).

With their sudden change to the Soviet side, my Quar Bagpiper has taken a leave of absence. It remains to be seen right now whether or not I'll do a British North African list, or just stick with the Soviets who have quite a bit more variety of forces than I had realized!
Overall I think the painted portion of my army (20 minis if I include the tank) looks good! I need to come up with some other form of squad numbering though as the fugly roman numerals which I used before was (intentionally) covered up. The Soviet army book gives you a squad of up to 12 grunts with all of the options available for free! That will negate all of my recent infantry purchases, and as such I told Kushial to make a 500 point list for our game this weekend.

Behold! The free squad. Made up of survivors from the various units shattered by the German Blitzkrieg! Unfortunately they've not had time to find new, or at least consistent uniforms. Note: The Grunt with the Shotgun will be the LMG's loader for the time being.
I also painted two more Partisans, and these minis are still my favorites of the Quar! The one thing this army needs is some more Sabol trays though, as I have all of the unpainted minis doubled up in their slots.

As colorful in character as they are in clothing, my partisans (well, the painted ones anyways)!
lol, As you can see, I also had some help from our kitty Kiya. She was all to happy to make sure my EVE online, afk mining was running  just fine when I was off clear coating minis!


neverness said...

That green is almost overwhelming! Gretchen Green is probably the color you ought to have maybe gping with. Still, they are looking good comrade. Have you selected a Fearless Leader yet? ;)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes but my bottle of Gretchin green is down to the last dregs of sludge, and they don't make it anymore. :-(

The guy with the Pistol & sword is my Lt. (in the pic with the camera quar). That said, just 'who' is in charge will be debatable once my Commissar joins the fray...