Monday, March 30, 2015

Another YT-1300 Repaint


Previously I had repainted a HWK-290 for my friend Billy, as he can no longer paint due to health issues. Recently he acquired a 2nd Millennium Falcon after buying an X-Wing collection from someone getting out of the game, and he asked me to repaint it for him.

Billy: Paint it anyway you like. 
Me: What's your favorite color? 
Billy: Pink, but please don't paint my YT that!

lol, for my effort he gave me an excess X-Wing that he had also gotten from his purchase. Generally Billy doesn't name his larger ships as I do, however I dubbed the YT Ol' Ironsides (which is also Billy's nickname for his father).

Unlike my own YT Scarlet Harlot, I wanted this YT to look like it was well past its prime.

I opted for an orange engine glow to contrast with the ship's paint job.

A liberal dose of GW's Ryza Rust helped to achieve the beat-up look.

It remains to be seen whether he'll keep the name or not. Regardless, he was quite pleased with the ship when I gave it to him.



Greg Hess said...

Great looking ship! You should take a before and after photo when you do this, so visitors who don't know x-wing have an idea of all the work you did!

Adam Tomlinson said...

I am genuinely impressed with your ability to repaint the X-Wing ships so nicely.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Greg: Hmm, not a bad idea. Luckily in this case most everyone knows what the Millennium Falcon looks like.

@Adam: Thanks!