Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

...we have, alien I guess.

Take me to your leader Earthling!
lol, we were outta town this past weekend, and Wolfy and I picked up a bit of a stomach bug on our return. As such nothing has happened on the hobby front so far this week. Luckily, in situations like this I invariably have some random mini that I (fairly) recently painted but never blogged about but will do so now. Thus you see the mini above.

The mini is a GDF (Illyrian) Sentry #3 from Bombshell Miniatures' Counterblast Kickstarter but is now available here (and damn these little 'boutique' mini companies are expensive!). Still, I love it! Its weird and neat all at the same time!

 What will I use it for you ask? 

Damned if I know! 

I had some ideas for it as a 40k proxy to go with my already proxied army of Grymn (and this guy/girl/it is painted to match my Grymn). love of 40k has taken a nose dive here of late and I'm not sure what to do with it. Sadly, the above mini is the only pose that's available with a space suit. The other Illyrians are 'plain clothes' models and look dumb to me. Though the Human GDF Sentry and the various Counterblast robots have potential as...something (company for this little guy on the shelf maybe?).

This might find a home in Beyond the Gates of Antares if that game ever gets going (its already the most likely home for my Grymn who I could use as Pan Humans/Free Born Mercenaries). Currently though, BtGoA (still in Beta testing) looks generic and kinda boring to me. Likewise I have no idea on the game of Counterblast which the spawned the mini above. Locally I doubt it would gain any traction, so there's no point in looking into it for the time being.

So I guess this guy is just there to look at...

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