Thursday, March 12, 2015

A little bit of Battletech


I had a bit of time this week, and some of the last and used it to paint 3 battlemechs. They paint up quickly which makes me feel like I'm accomplishing more than I really am, lol. I haven't played CBT in a few months, but I do enjoy it and these mechs were a nice departure from the norm (and after 3, these became the 'norm' and the rest were put back in the case, primed but not painted...).

The Robotech mini in the middle is a bit off in scale, but compared to some CBT's notoriously incorrectly-scaled minis issues, its really not noticeable. Left to right they are: a Hoplite, Rifleman & Exterminator.

These are painted as the 15th Dracon Regiment. Originating as an independent regiment in the original SLDF, the 15th opted to not join Kerensky's exodus out of the Inner Sphere. At that point they set themselves up as Mercenaries, spending the majority of their career in Capellan service. So much so that they eventually joined the CCAF as a line unit only to be wiped out less than a decade later (no, not a good career move...).

The 15th holds pretty true to its SLDF roots, preferring mechs that originated during the Star League, going so far as to field a fair number of original SLDF era (and now ancient) mechs. They also maintain their original color scheme of gray with O.D. green trim. Not wanting them to look like my 2nd. Legion of Vega mechs (just trimmed in green rather than red) I reversed those colors which worked out nicely I think.

In the 15th's painting queue, I still have another Rifleman and a Warhammer (yes, both are also Robotech Tactics KS minis) and a pair of Goblin tanks for the option of a Capellan augmented lance if I want a bit of variety.


Greg Hess said...

Battle tech was always my first love. Never get tired of seeing it still pop up on the blog rolls!

Kushial said...

I always liked the 15th Dracon, their only drawback being that they were tethered to the damned Capellans who are almost as bad as the WoBblies.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Actually the Capellans have always been my favorite faction. Also I think you have them confused with Marik, who gave the Wobblies whatever they wanted (and got screwed the hardest for it!).

Kushial said...

No, Marik is my 5th Least Favorite BT Faction. WoBblies are at the bottom, then Capellans, then Jade Falcon, then the Taurians, and finally up to House Marik.