Friday, March 27, 2015

The Rise of Infinity's Yu Jing!


Sorry about yesterday's post, I simply ran out of time (I'm just squeaking this one in too!).

Anyways, last week on our FLGS' FB page, our friend Scott asked if anyone wanted some Infinity minis, because he was getting out of the game (he plays too many games apparently...). Now, my friends often lament the continuous cycle of me selling my armies, however I have nothing on Scott. Really what he needs is an army rental service (an idea to which his wife readily agreed!).

Now, as I'm sure you'll recall, I recently posted a rant on here about how Infinity hates me. Wolfy however, likes it a lot. She's even commented to me that D20s are her favorite kind of dice. I inquired to see if Scott would want something in trade (as our finances are always tight), he replied with Do you have any Imperial Guard? lol, whilst there may be too many games in Scott's repertoire, model count apparently isn't an issue.

I haven't fielded IG in quite some time (and well before the name change which I still don't use), and only had a pair of Chimeras left (one of which was a piece of shit wreck, and the other a Chapterhouse conversion). I also threw in a pair of Imperial Bastions, one painted and one unassembled half-bastion (it was sans the middle section with the Heavy bolters).

In trade, Wolfy got all of these (plus templates and tokens):

I posted the one on the left in this post previously.

The two female Samurai  in back have already been dubbed the 'Femurai'.
Aside from knowing that these four are Japanese 'cheerleaders', I don't know what any of these minis are. We're going to have to figure out what they are on CB's website.

All of them together.

In addition to all of the above, our buddy Hoss acquired Scott's Nomads (all unpainted) as well.

Scott said he'd paint the last two primed minis above to match the rest which is a good thing as his painting style is totally different than mine. Scott said he wouldn't rule out ever playing Infinity again, and I asked if he thought he'd get the bug again when he got around to painting those two minis. He just shrugged and said maybe, but it would be Pan-O next time around (not that he's thought about

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