Monday, March 23, 2015

Yeah I'm loving the new Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Y-Wings!

After stumbling for a turn or three on the title name of BTL-A4, I just said the hell with it and dubbed my Y-Wings the BLT Y-Wings and now that that's now stuck in my mind, thus shall they forever be known.

Anyways, Wolfy and I took on Billy in a 150 point rematch this past weekend. It was a Scum and Villainy turf war as we were all fielding them for the first time. Billy, as usual forgot the details of the game and had to make a 150 point list last minute (after confirming that point level earlier in the week, go figure...), and had kindova mish-mash of a list. Wolfy had 3 Bianyre Z-95s with hot-shot blasters, and a decked out HWK, and I had 2 hired thugs in BLT Y's with ion cannons and unhinged astromechs, and Drea in a BLT with an auto-blaster, and an unhinged astro as well.

Also this was our first game with our Gale Force Nine battle mat! Its a major improvement over our old cut-up BFG space mats, and as soon as we able we're going to get another incase Wolfy and I are playing in separate games!

On to the game:

The opening moves...Billy was fielding the HWK that I painted for the first time. Unbeknownst to him, I 'painted' a double agent into the pilot seat, as his Aggressor flew into the HWK for 3 turns in a row!
Y-Wings everywhere! Almost every turn I had to remind Billy not to shoot the yellow ones, because they were his. Usually this was followed by: Damnit! I was in range 1!
Don't shoot that red HWK, he's on our side! Well, until it kept dropping our HWK's PS to 0, marking it for death...
I love my wonderful Wolfy! The aggressor tried to break free only to be cock-blocked (her term for it) by her surrounding trio of Z-95.
The HWK's exchange broadsides whilst Y-Wings cut loose in all directions!
Not only did Wolfy tie up the Aggressor after Billy's HWK got out of the way, she chewed it down to just one HP (whilst losing only a single Z-95). This left it easy prey for my 2 Y's which hosed it down thoroughly (though it was only the last shot that killed it as he was evading like a mother-fucker!).
 Side note: At this point we switched to my cell phone's camera after Wolfy's died. as such you'll note that the above and below pics are of a noticeably inferior quality. 

With the Aggressor and HWK falling on the same turn, all was lost for Billy, though he did fight to the end. No quarter was given, as is typical for space pirates...
Damn, we almost had a flawless victory there, with one of Wolfy's Z-95s coming thru the game completely unscathed! The game was a lot of fun, though I think Billy would have done far better had his aggressor not been hemmed in early on. From what I've heard about that ship, I was seriously concerned about it running rampant. Luckily though, my double agent did his job (before we killed him lol).

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Admiral Drax said...

Oh boy, I'm jealous. I need to get X-Winging again.

Looks great!