Thursday, October 22, 2015

For once, there's some exciting news in 40k...

...exciting to me anyways.

Apparently, Forgeworld is getting off of its ass, and is finally updating the Doom of Mymeara! I spotted this during my weekly perusal of Bell of lost souls, and for the first time in a long time, I was glad I gave that site a look. True, a quick skim of the comments ran along the lines of OMG! The Eldar are more OP! More D everywhere! Nerd RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!! and the like.

You know, the usual.

What the fuck ever, not everyone plays like that, and if they all do, then maybe the assholes playing the game are more at fault rather than the assholes in Nottingham, but I digress...

Anyways, the Eldar are my largest surviving army, and are broken up into roughly 3 equal, 500ish point parts: Craftworld Iyanden, Exodites and Siam-Hann-ish Corsairs (they're so counter-culture that they don't have any jet bikes!).

Sifting through the rumors, the following tidbits caught my eye and generated the aforementioned excitement:

The piss-poor Void dreamer has gotten an overhaul, though whether or not its for the better remains to be seen. Currently, the Dreamer only has 1 good power (Soul Scry) and is more dangerous for his Neural Shredder than anything else. I use the Dreamer so often that mine said 'fuck it, I'm going back to Iyanden where I can be an actual Farseer!' The powers have been redone, so there's some hope there, and they have their own perils chart which looks harsher than the normal one (basically, if you have to roll on it, you're fucked in some form or fashion).  Speaking of psychic powers, all of the Corsair HQ's will have the option to get them.

As for the Corsair Prince him/herself, there's a much needed point reduction of 25 points (currently a very basically equipped one usually clocks in at 120 points). Plus he has a 12" LD bubble, no idea if the rarely useful orbital strikes will still be there or not, but better yet...

Ahoy mateys!!!!

...there's now a 'Baron' option for an HQ which clocks in a mere 30 points. He's probably a glorified Sgt., but as I only have 500 points of Corsairs to begin with, I have a feeling that this will be my little contingent's go-to-Commander.

All of the Corsairs will also have 2 LD values, a higher one to test on as normal and a lower one to regroup with, because Corsairs know that dead pirates don't get any booty! Its fluffy, and yes its detrimental, but I like it! Also, for +10 points they can upgrade their armor to a 3+ save, and can reroll difficult and dangerous terrain, at the cost of Fleet. Hell, they didn't have Fleet to begin with so yes, sign me up for some of that please!

Speaking of, the Corsairs' version of Fleet is a flat 6" AFTER shooting. With jet pack equipped models getting 6" + another D6". That means jet packs are still optional: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I believe the intent is to let people bolster their forces with plain old Guardians (lasblasters and shuriken catapults are interchangeable currently). HOWEVER, if you have the lasgun toting Guardians from the olden days lying around like I do (I have 20+ of them) then you're in luck...and if not, well they sell for ridiculoulsy low prices on ebay. Also, Corsairs will now have Guardian stat lines (LD excluded), with Felarchs (Sgt.'s) having +1 WS & LD.

An finally regular Eldar (all of the other types) are Battle brothers so they'll still sink up nicely with my other little contingents.

Edit: ....and then this morning I spotted this post on Faeit 212 (just skip the parts about the Titan and summoning Daemons).


neverness said...

Sweet, i do like thise new combat drugs too, it's how they all should be I think. It will fun to see the Corsairs take the field again.

Zzzzzz said...

Not followed the link, but yeah, I have had my Corsair Prince in HTH once, with a run of the mill Blood Angel assault marine. Didn't go well for us ridiculous big hat space elfs. So will look stuff up forthwith, cheers for the heads up.

sonsoftaurus said...

I was on the fence with the older Corsair list, and made mine using regular Eldar/DE. Given it will probably be cheaper to buy the FW book than two regular GW codicies for current rules may give them another shot.