Thursday, October 1, 2015

Recruits from The Ion Age.


One rule that struck me as odd in Gruntz, well not so much a rule but rather a stat is that of the army commander. I had figured on using a spare squad sergeant as my commander but...

Hrmm, the guy on the right has the same number of hit points as a light tank...

Yeah, okay that won't work.  There is an optional rule which allows you (and your opponent assuming you both agree to it before hand) to give your commander a more realistic single wound, or just house rule it to whatever number of wounds you'd like. However we've yet to even get a single game in, so adding in house rules from the outset ought to be avoided I think.

I thought the command tek/module that can be added to a vehicle would effectively turn that vehicle into your commander, but then I found the following on the Gruntz forum which killed that idea.


So, I decided (as I've mentioned in an earlier post) to 'build' my commander as a mech (essentially) since he/she'll be a walking tank anyways...thus my purchase of a Havelock battle suit from The Ion Age. However my mini arrived with the incorrect weapon fit.

The gun I received is the one in the top left corner.

No, this is what I was wanting.

Sad Face. 

There's a small gun on the back of that huge fist, which I'm calling a grenade launcher...

Sending them an inquiry about the mix up, I was told that my mini went to Holland and I got that customer's mini in turn. However the correct weapons are already in the mail, so all is good. Gavin, The Ion Age's Creative Manager also asked where I'd heard of them (Table Top Fix) as I'm a new customer, and what I'd intended to do with the minis I'd ordered (and I was happy to do so).

That was 'minis' (plural) as aside from the Havelock battlesuit, I also ordered an previously free monthly release called a Vending Bot (there's a new free and unique design every month), but even paying for it the cost was minimal (plus I received this month's free mini as well). I'm sure we'll use the bot as an autonomously roaming objective in a scenario of some sort. Meanwhile Gavin's reply in regards to the free minis echoed my sentiments on gaming here of late:

"The free monthly's are pure 'whimsy' a sense of fun that is sadly lacking now.  Without it there would be no Vending Bot and as it is, it is REALLY popular."

What? you wanted a Mountain Dew? Sorry, the vending bot slammed a few itself and now its so hyper that it won't slow down long enough for anyone to get one for themselves!

Whimsy, yes what happened to that?  That wasn't necessarily what I was looking for in Gruntz, but hell let's add it in anyways!


Waaargh Pug said...

My Squats'll show ye som 'whimsey'!

I managed to assemble the majority of my troopers last night... they're so tiny!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, wait till you start painting them!