Monday, October 19, 2015

Painting minis in space...

My beloved Wolfy was stricken with a cold this weekend, and as such we skipped going to the FLGS in hopes of not passing Nurgle's blessings onto the rest of the gang. So, whilst she slept for most of the evening, I geeked out with a combination of miniature painting and EVE Online.

More commonly known as Spread Sheets in Space, I've done quite a bit of painting whilst in EVE as I'm not a spread sheet person. While shuttling ships around on auto-pilot I found anomalies galore in a neighboring system to my destination, and the fact that I had them all to myself! That's about as good as high-sec PvE gets. Sure all of the combat sites would have been more entertaining (and probably lucrative), but I opted for mining a bunch of rare ores instead. Its much easier to paint when you can play afk.

Ah yes, this is the life....

There was some excitement of a sort though I guess. I got into a discussion-turned-argument with my alt. character's corp execs about just how fucking boring the corp itself is. No, this wasn't the first time, but it got a bit more heated this go round, with one rage-logging off and myself eventually just closing the chat channel in disgust. They did mention a fun idea, but quickly killed/buried it in their typical over-abundance of caution, so much so that I likened it to wading thru government red tape. 

They were not amused.

That said, my in-corp character hasn't been given the boot, so I guess they'll get over it. Of course I said this was about painting in space and yes, amid the furious typing another infantry squad for The Buffet Assault Group as well as my HMG team managed to get painted, additionally my third infantry squad got a base coat too.

Blue Squad standing by...
The weapons team's armor is slightly different, hence the altered paint scheme.
A group shot of all of my painted Gruntz thus far.

Up close they're not much to look at (curse you zoom lens!), but all together and when they make it to the table top, I think they'll be looking pretty good.

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