Thursday, February 18, 2016


Man do I like getting free stuff from the internet and no, I'm not referring to malware, spyware or internet viruses...

Kromlech, maker of many Orky related bitz, minis, and other goodies always previews their new wares on their FB page, and often accompanies that with a 'like & comment on this post for a chance to win'...whatever they're previewing. I've done this many a time, but always it seems the winner is one comment above, or below mine. Not yesterday however! Nope, I got the 'You're a winner' reply and won some new Ork choppas!

I'm gonna need some more Orks to wield these goodies...

When showing the FB notification to my beloved Wolfy the following conversation ensued:

 'OOOH! Are they going to be painted like that too?'

No, they won't be painted.

Oh, well that offense to your painting.


Speaking of free stuff, Monday my free Fallout Hobbies decals and vinyl airbrush stencil arrived from their Santa's Slay competition that I participated in back in December!

So far its been a pretty good week for me as a geek!


greggles said...

Oooh those choppa's look great. It'll be good to see some size comparisons when you get them!

Zzzzzz said...

Hurrah for free stuff !

Admiral Drax said...

Ooh, brilliant!

Nice work on the decals, too!