Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm not going to shoot at that stupid A-wing...


Yes, that was a direct quote (heard more than once this past Saturday night) as spoken by Billy during our game of X-Wing. Running 150 points, Wolfy and I fielding the Rebels teamed up against Billy's S&V and very quickly we all learned that Gemmer Sojan with a stealth device is just an evil combination.

Averaging FIVE defense dice over the course of the game (and on occasion SIX!), Gemmer (flown by Wolfy) hung onto that stealth device till the next to last turn of the game when Billy finally managed to get close enough to hit with an auto-blaster turret! Normally, when I use em, the stealth device is ruined on the 1st volley.

All ships on the table, that didn't last long...

Another thing we learned during the game (or at least I did) was that Dash Rendar is the only pilot who's worth a damn when using the YT-2400, with of course both the Outrider title and a mangler cannon (such a dumb name). That's probably old news to the rest of the world, but I hadn't actually used him but rather all of the other YT-2400 pilots with an abysmal track record.

Success with the Outrider, finally!

lol, that said, Dash and his YT was our side's only ship loss. Gemmer was down a shield and both Y-Wings were bleeding. Ronark and his HWK were untouched as he did his job by hanging back (for the most part) and bestowing PS12 on various ships whilst taking pot-shots when possible.

Ronark hanging just in range 3...

A close up of Billy's final moments...

Billy on the other hand was wiped out. Not bad for our first game as a married couple!


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