Monday, May 23, 2016

Centurion Asirnoth


As a follow up to my prior post, I feel I ought to have another story...yeah-no, I got nothing.


I do however have pics of my finished Alpha Legion Centurion:

That shadow you always see in the lower right corner of my close up pics? Yeah, that's my camera's zoom lens at full extension. Apparently Canon never took photographing minis into account during the design process. 

I built this model more on aesthetics than actual table-top use, thus...whilst looking good (I think) his battlefield effectiveness will be debatable. Ah well...30k/40k is all about over-the-top giant stompy robots, D-weapons and super-heavies everywhere. So whether a power weapon or a chainsword, honestly would it really matter?



Zzzzzz said...

I liked that story, very good. And the minis too !

Da Masta Cheef said...