Monday, May 9, 2016

What's black & blue and red all over?

How'd you guess 'a Firespray'? (must've been the damned thumbnail pic...)

Like the now infamous Blue Waffle, this repaint is also for my friend Billy. In exchange for doing these two ships, he bought us the new X-Wing core set which is a very nice trade off I think! He's seen pics of this and I presume is pleased with it, given that as we didn't make it to gaming at the FLGS this past Saturday, he's making a trip over to our house to pick it up this evening.

The Daemon Kitty demands to know why the human slave keeps putting his toys in what she thinks is her kitty cube?

The firespray is a ship that I've never really been a fan of aesthetically, and having now painted one? Yeah, still does nothing for me.