Monday, May 16, 2016

The Black Sun Vigo

We finally made it to game night at the FLGS this past Saturday, and with X-Wing in hand we played one of our usual, 4-player free-for-alls. 100 points a piece with myself and Rob fielding Scum and Villainy, and my Beloved Wolfy and Kushial both fielding the Empire.

This was also the battlefield debut of Wolfy's TIE Advanced Prototype.

lol, with this many fighters on the board, I figured that its about as close to reenacting the battle of Endor was we'll ever get despite the lack of Rebel fighters.

My HWK-290 and Rob's Scyk Interceptor were the earliest victims of this mess...

However the ranks thinned out quickly, with Rob being the 1st one wiped out. Suited him fine though as he was both tired and suffering heavily from allergies (tis the season...). That said, his Mist hunter once again tied up too many points for too little return. Thoroughly unimpressed with that ship, and I seriously doubt I'll buy it at this point.

Yeah, that TIE Advanced Prototype is a keeper. Hell, its better than the actual production model in my opinion (even though that's still my favorite type of TIE).

Curiously, when it came down to the last three fighters (one for each of us), mine was a Black Sun Vigo with no upgrades and it even still had it's shield! What the hell? Starvipers SUCK (when I'm using them anyways), and have never survived past mid-game for me-EVER! Wolfy's had little better luck with them (we have 2), Rob's Starviper piloted by Guri was his last ship to fall, but still it didn't last long.

However when the shooting came to an end, my Black Sun Vigo was the last one standing, with no damage aside from the loss of his shield. I just hope this performance wasn't a fluke...

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