Thursday, June 30, 2016

Post # 666 (which sounds ominous...but really isn't)


Not much time for hobby stuff this week, though I did manage to cobble enough bitz together to make a techmarine for the Alpha Legion. Every marine army needs a techmarine, as they're my favorite (if generally useless) troop type.

This poor bastard has been in my mini case for years. No idea when he acquired the chain axe (actually I believe that was Kharne's chain axe...), or when he lost his servo-arm/pack (and those fuckers cost more on ebay than entire techmarines do! Seriously WTF?). Luckily the new mechanicum walker-strider-thing has a servo-arm for some reason and I was able to get one fairly reasonably.

I call him 'Frankenstein' (the Techmarine)

I do have one question though: Do 30k Techmarines paint their armor red like their 40k counterparts do?


neverness said...

Looks good. No idea about the red armor in 30k though, that's a good question!

Screech said...

As far as I know they do as they still received training from the Mechanicus.

Da Masta Cheef said...

A google image search showed em with no red, all red, partial/accented with basically its whatever I want I guess.

Kushial said...

A quick peruse through what I have on 30K and such, it depended on the chapter. Those with close ties to the Mechanicum is where you'd find the all red armor, lesser ties the high lights and accents, and then those who had no real ties beyond the training would have no red like the Space Wolves.

neverness said...

My Space Wolves are getting the red, they just look too bad-ass with the red to not have it.