Thursday, June 16, 2016

Downsizing Bolt Action


Welp, after seemingly forever complaining that there was no one to play Bolt Action with, now that their are a variety of opponents I've found that I'm really not too fond of the game. Oh it plays alright I suppose, nothing seems 'broken' but at the same time nothing really holds my attention either. Rob and I have had several discussions on the subject and the same thing keeps coming up, time and time again: The game just feels too generic.

Trying to vary it up a bit with my Weird War II armies has only left me with a lone high point for the game, that being it gives me a use for my Quar. Which, isn't much of a sales pitch…especially for Beyond the Gates of Antares which everyone gleefully says is 'Bolt Action in space!' Yay.

So, I pared my forces down for trade-in credit from my favorite online FGS at Noble Knight Games. Aside from some other random minis, here's what has left my Bolt Action collection and is now enroute to Wisconsin.

First up: the Eleventy First Devonshire. Sigh, such a great concept but…the rifle toting grunts have been outta stock ever since I bought my first squad (which makes me wonder if that was the last squad available). Inquiries to Hasslefree minis as to restocking them resulted in this response:

"Mold issues, its on the list but no ETA, sorry."

…and that's that I guess. As such, they're memory has been rebranded the Eleventy First Air Wing, which will make occasional forays across the channel in their lone Lemming Mk I fighter to provide air support to my beleaguered Quar Partisans.

As for the Quar, yes the Partisans along with my multi-colored uniformed Royalists are all that are left for the most part. They're also the vast majority of the Quar that I've painted. Not all mind you, no army is ever fully painted as we all know, but I'd say about 75% of them are.

The quar pictured above amounts to roughly half of the infantry that I had, along with 2/3 of my vehicles (yes, I kept the painted one). I'll use them with the Partisans army list in the France and Allies army book, whereas the Armies of England and the Soviet Union books also got shipped out.

In terms of my remaining army's field-able size, I'd say that I can easily put the 500 point minimum (which is my preference anyways) on the table and on up to maybe (or, maybe not…) the 750 point mark. 

I'm not sure what I'll get with my trade-in credit just yet, so stay tuned as I'm sure to have a 'new toys' post here in the near future.


Kushial said...

I've found with Bolt Action that a game under 1,500 (especially under 1,000) are very bland due to lack of options. By the time you take the Lt and a couple squads of troops (assuming not just 5 man no upgrades that really won't accomplish anything) you're just out of points to do much more. 1,500 seems about the perfect size game of Bolt Action to me. At that point, you can get in a third squad, some supports like mortars, machine gun teams, etc, and still even get in a vehicle or three. 500 point Bolt Action is like the old 500 point 40K, just not enough options at that level to keep it interesting.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Perhaps, but with little to hold my interest at the starting point, there's was no want to expand nor did I see any incentive to actually do so. That and locally Bolt Action has very quickly hit the back burner after Screech & Bob were getting bored with it. Not sure about Mike, but then again I haven't seen much of him here of late.

My only 'big' game of Bolt action saw a multitude of lone officers of varying descriptions running around apparently just to generate more order dice which in hindsight struck me as both a lame tactic and quite unrealistic (and that's coming from a guy who fields an army of anteaters!).


I think it falls more or less into the 'not for me' category, but as stated, i still have a small army of em left to play around with is the urge hits me.

Zzzzzz said...

I've never played it, but if you're just not that into it....

There's not much point in hanging on to too much of it.

Probably the best choice in the long term.

Imperial Recruitment said...

I missed last week, but other than that I have played nothing but BA for months with several people (Bob and Screech included) at game night. We have been playing 1k per person 2v2 games mostly. I would like to up it to 1.5k per, but it's sometimes hard to have opponents field that much, or find the time to play that large of a game. I imagine in a couple of weeks it will be easier to get a larger game in since Screech will have a larger army to field by that time.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ah, well...we've missed several weeks, but last time I talked to Screech that is what he said. Either way, just not enough appeal to build a bigger army, or even field all of what I had even.

At this point my Quar are once again like my Buffet Assault Group army: mostly painted and without a game to really call home.