Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cutting myself while listening to Jim Gaffigan...

Sounds like I need to schedule an appointment with a therapist doesn't it?


The truth is nothing near as worrisome. Sunday, after taking the WIP pics for my prior post, I decided to continue work on the beast. My desk is in our living room, so whilst I started hobbying away, my beloved Wolfy pulled up a Jim Gaffigan stand up routine on the roku to watch. We love his comedy, he's hilarious! Listening to him whilst using an X-acto blade and working on minis? No, not a good idea at all!

Pieces on the floor, almost broke a bit or two due to spontaneous laughter, cut my thumb, blood on the dreadnought (that was hastily wiped off with a paint smeared paper towel which was then pressed onto the bleeding wound!), gluing pieces to me rather than the dread (always a concern but all the worse when laughing) and uh...yeah.

I highly recommend watching Jim Gaffigan's routines, just not while working on minis!

Despite minor self-inflicted injuries and several near catastrophes, I think the project coming along nicely:

New armor plating, search lights, and a tuning-fork-antenna-thing (aka: the bit I almost broke).
Additional hoses and hand holds (the latter of which may help in maintenance, but probably are a bad idea in close combat situations...). It looks good though.
Feet, rocks, and wargear liberated from the enemy (loyalist or really doesn't matter to the Alpha Legion).
An approximation of the forth-coming finished product. 

The heavy bolters' ammo belts were attached as well, though I forgot to take photos of that. I'm almost finished painting my first Alpha Legion Sgt., so with that minis' completion (which is something of a nightmare that I'll discuss later), I'll start the painting of this one.

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neverness said...

Looking good! Eager to ser it's completion.
Oh, Thanks for the safty tip too! ;)