Monday, September 12, 2016

The Quar are dead. Long live the Quar!

To be clear I'm referring to my (former) army of Quar, not Zombiesmith who both makes the Quar and is alive and kicking. True, they really are lovely minis, but like so many armies of my past, I tired of painting them. That and as they were used exclusively in Bolt Action, a game which I've had something of a love/hate/yawn relationship with, I thought it was time to send them off to become trade-in credit at NobleKnight.

In Memoriam.

A few Quar did survive their exodus however. First up, the mini that Kushial gifted to me this past Christmas. As you can see above, it has been painted up as a statue. This is just the first stage in a larger Bolt Action terrain piece which will be a memorial to France's (very) Foreign Legion.

Not sure of all of the specifics yet, but the gimpy Quar above will be the statue's keeper. Whilst he appears to be doing a good job of keeping the statue clean of bird shit he doesn't seem to be bothered by the plant growth that seems to be taking over the pedestal. The piece will also feature one of my DUST tactics quonset huts, which my beloved Wolfy suggested I paint a red cross onto. Sounds like a plan that'll tie it all together nicely I think!

My favorite pic of this bizarre beast in the midst of combat!

The last survivor of my Quar collection is this tank. It is to be transferred to my new Bolt Action army which is currently making its way over from the UK. Bolt Action 2nd. ed. is being released more or less right now, and I'll be purchasing the new rule book when its available.

Will I enjoy the game more than its prior incarnation?

Will I be using actual, historically accurate miniatures to represent my army?
lol, nope! That said they'll look a lot more um...realistic than the Quar did.

Is this whole exercise just an excuse to paint a new army that I wanted more than anything else?
You betcha!

I'll leave my new army's identity a secret for now, but rest assured I'll be giving Bolt Action another go at some point in the coming months. I'll still be holding at the 500 point limit initially, but as bigger games seem to be more popular I can just team up with somebody I suppose for the time being.


Zzzzzz said...

I'm actually struggling to remember my last game. Erm, with Karitas last June, I think.

Da Masta Cheef said...

My last game was during my bachelor party in March.