Thursday, November 17, 2016

World WAAAAAUGH II Orks are all assembled!


Just a quick post as its kinda late in the evening. Now that I have an actual adhesive that works the rest of my WWII Orks went together quite easily. Despite having to remove the arm pegs on a few in order get them to fit. In the end, only one Ork had arms that didn't align properly at the wrists...but, considering some of the poorly designed GW models I've assembled over the years, 1 out of 11 isn't bad.

Da whole skwad.

Don't much care for the head on the shotgun toting boy on da right. So I might swap it out for another of the western ones.
Da one on da left has the mis-aligned arms.

Armed with a multitude of shotguns, rifles, thompson machine guns, pistols and a pair of big shootas that vaguely resemble the lewis machine gun, these boyz will make for an excellent Blood Axe shoota boyz mob. That does leave me with an extra big shoota boy...but I'll find a use for him I'm sure.

Lying down on da job...

The Ork in the laying/lunging/riding-on-a-vehicle maybe?-pose...not quite sure what they were going for with that one. Guess I'll have to get creative with his base. Given that he's armed with both a revolver and a shotgun, and I didn't like the two remaining Military Ork heads, I opted for one of the 'hillbilly' styled heads.

Why you no haz kitty cube?

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