Monday, November 28, 2016

Apparently its long-overdue Kickstarter season...

For the 2nd time now inside a month, yet a long overdue kickstarter has delivered. Previously I got my Green Alliance WWII Orcs, and this time our Dynamic colored X-Wing templates arrived! The movement and range templates look just fantastic!
Our only complaint (aside from being so late) is the line and number 2 on the range ruler is hard to read due to the background image being so light in color.

As for the various other tokens, eh. they look alright, not sure if we'll use them or not. Though the binayre pirate insert will allow us to run all three of our Z-95s with the Scum and Villainy faction now.

The nightmarish variety of colors for the tokens on the right are largely responsible for the long delay in delivery. Some have the symbols cut out, and other just etched and printed in white. The latter no doubt to speed up production...

The dial is held together via magnets. Its pretty nice for a freebee!

We couldn't resist using these in a game, and left em in place to give a good view of how they look on the table top (which is to say: better than the game mat!).

This was likely the Violet's final battle. Neither one of us have had much luck with this ship and it has since made its way onto ebay

The empire won the day just in case anyone was wondering. 

This just leaves Rick Hunter's custom VT as the only thing left in the woefully overdue Kickstarter department. However the only thing fucking Palladium has managed to do on that since the laughably optimistic release date of 'December 2013' is to show a single CAD rendering. Hate, vitirol, threats of legal action and general disgust continue daily on that KS's comment page (which is dangerously close to the 100K comments mark). Like most backers, I personally I have written that last mini off entirely.

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