Monday, November 7, 2016

The 3rd Urbanmech of the apocalypse...


There was no reason this needed to be a multi-piece mini. The Autocannon is angled
down more because it was easier to attach than for any aesthetic reason.  

Okay, so this was an 'on the whim' purchase as I haven't played Battletech since February. However with an opening bid of $5.50 with free shipping, why not place a bid right? Much to my surprise, about a week later I got an email notifying me that I won it.

AWESOME! I now have THREE Urbies!!! Sure this one is a Clan IIC version but that's fine, there's plenty of captured Clan equipment rolling around the Inner Sphere by the time of the Jihad. For those of you who aren't familiar with Battletech in general, Urbanmechs of all types are by far the absolute worst mechs in the game. Mud slow, thin armor with lots of ammo hiding behind that thin armor and...yeah.

They're garbage.

That said, there are those of us who love the stupid things purely because they are so bad (and they do have their moments!). This Clan Urbanmech has a movement rate of 3/5/3, which is comparable to assault mechs that are often almost 3-times it's weight! That said, it's 50% faster than the standard inner sphere Urbie (of which I have 2).

Be nice Screech, or I'll use the HAG 20
variant against you...
So what to do with it? Well...I thought I'd make a Comguard (or possibly the fuckin' Wobblies) Level II, consisting of 3 tanks and my 3 Urbies. Whilst the 3rd tank is still up unknown, I do have a pair of 100 ton Behemoths. So, if I can scrounge up another tank that's as laughably slow as the behemoths and regular urbies (perhaps a Burke?), then that means this new IIC will actually qualify as a 'high speed recon' mech due to its 50% greater speed than the rest of it's unit!

That's so absurd its awesome!


neverness said...

With the right paint scheme, it would make a great piece of underhive junk! Think archeotech.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Well, with any paint scheme, it still is