Monday, December 12, 2016

Delay of game...

...or rather this post is a few hours late as it was delayed by playing a game.

Kushial came over last night for a round of X-Wing and dinner (the latter being a delicious stew cooked by my Beloved Wolfy). He also brought over an old sculpt Charger that he acquired for me as I couldn't find one at a reasonable price on ebay. I traded an Ostroc to him for it. I commented that the Charger is Battletech's 2nd worst mech (well, the original variant) after the Urbie, but he made a strong case for the Flea which is hard to argue. Indeed, At least the Charger and Urbie have good versions, the Flea: not so much.

Our game of X-wing was fun, though neither one of us thought to take any photos. Typical. It was my first go with the Ghost, and I was trying some new things with it as well. Things didn't go as well as I would have liked (i.e.: I lost), but at game's end, Kushial's last fighter only had 1 hull point left so it was a close run game! I'm not sold on the rear-firing torpedos, but the Lando crew upgrade is more or less a 'must have' for the Ghost, as he frequently gives that beast much needed evade tokens.

And best for last, Christmas presents were exchanged...or rather he gave us our presents. His is still in the mail but scheduled to arrive today. Yay. Not sure if we'll see him before the holiday or if we'll just mail em as Kushial lives about an hour and a half away. Anyways: Presents! (our first of the season)

The top of that totem will be the first thing to go!

I was given the Forgeworld exclusive Ultramarine Herald! (Quote): 'I know he's a Smurf, but I figure you can Alpha Legion him up.' Indeed, I'm thinking he might make for a good Alpharius conversion as that mini is nowhere on the horizon from FW, and there isn't the usual excess of U-marine decoration on the mini aside from the totem-thing.

Dr. Strange was added to her key fob before our game was even halfway over!

Wolfy received a Dr. Strange keychain (he's always been her favorite super hero since about the age of 8), and a Groot cord clinger. Its kinda hard to type that name correctly as my own is Croot, and yes I'm tall too, what of it? lol.

So all in all, it was a good night, and again sir I apologise that your gift hadn't yet arrived.


Admiral Drax said...

Ooh, shiny!

And I must say: I love that cute Groot, Croot!

Kushial said...

Yeah, it was a good battle. Always fun when they come down to the last shot or two. Glad you two both enjoy the gifts and I'll look forward to seeing how that conversion comes out.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Drax: When the Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out, I must've heard 'I am Groot' seemingly everywhere I went. It was baffling till I saw the movie!

@Kushial: Yes we did and right on schedule, your present arrived yesterday. Not sure if I'll go the Alpharius route or just a standard bearer of my own, but either way those Smurf markings will be the first to go!

greggles said...

I remember the first time playing ghost. I blew it up before he could detach the other ship. Oh boy was he unhappy about that!