Thursday, December 15, 2016

The demise of the Imperial Forestry Service?


 I was reading the the latest update on Faeit in regards to the Inquisition, and their sudden loss of Rhinos aside from the SoB variety and thought: 'But what about my Imperial Forestry Service?' Do they require an SoB driver now? (not that that really matters much in game terms I guess).

An oldie but goodie!

This little unit has survived all of the purges unscathed, and despite not seeing the tabletop in years, its still one of my favorites. I'm really loathe to the idea of repainting their rhino, despite the (shockingly high) resale value that 30k has given the old, original rhinos.

So, I guess the question is (ignoring the infantry all together): would anyone balk that the idea that this is a 'camouflaged' Alpha Legion Rhino rather than a 'camouflaged' Inquisitorial one?


neverness said...

I doubt anyone would balk at that. Ditching them because they aren't in the latest codex doesn't mean they won't be back at some point.

neverness said...

Seriously, that's far too sweet to sell or strip down or whatever. This one must stay!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh it will, just been debating on what to do with it.

The Infantry can just be acolytes, my inquisitorial units are already full of non-GW minis.