Monday, December 19, 2016

The Outremar are getting even MOAR DAKKA!!!


Originally these were intended for different squads, hence the different should pad colors. That said I'll probably just leave em as is for the time being.

Back in October I placed an order with Hasslefree minis. They were running a sale for Halloween and as usual, I couldn't resist. Whilst these minis arrived about two weeks ago, things have been so busy I haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet.

They have the usual 2 wounds, but I usually put 3 Grymn on each base. These squads don't have Sergeants, but the team which will have the Grymn with the laptop will visually serve as such.

Imperial Auxilia fire support squads require a minimum of 5 teams, and like all 30k fire support units they all need to have the same type of weapon's fit (which makes my heavy bolter team sad). However as Rob and Screech will (probably not so fondly) remember, multiple twin-heavy stubbers, all firing at one unit are something to be feared! Think of it like this:

15, twin-linked, 36" ranged bolter shots aimed at your blob of Marines

My 2 old Quad stubbers laid some serious hurt on the nids, and space marines weren't too fond of being on the wrong end of that either! So if I park this squad behind an aegis defense line with my quad-multi-laser team back there as well and hell, my Alpha Legionaires may just sit back and watch that light show with amusement!

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