Thursday, April 13, 2017



Neverness stopped by the other day and surprised my Beloved Wolfy and I with anniversary presents! Now, I knew she was getting a gift via previews and inquiries on the subject, so it would be obvious to assume that I was getting one too, but to be honest that thought never crossed my mind. Even after (in hindsight) I recalled his mention of 'presents' in the plural form. Ah well, its always nice to be surprised, right?

In his usual nefarious ways, Neverness gifted me with a blister pack of Ghar Tectorists Scouts for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

As he well knows, the Ghar are the only faction in that game that appeals to me, and even then not the entirety of the miniature range. Prior to this I had just one Ghar mini. However given my malaise in regards to Warlord's Bolt Action, the sales pitch of 'its Bolt Action in space' hasn't been an incentive to give the game a try. No doubt Nevereness' intent was to give me another shove in that direction (kicking and screaming if needs be).

No matter the game system, they still want to exterminate humanity and
everyone else in their path...

However (and what I'm sure will be much to his surprise), I've already repurposed them. I've wanted to use Goob, my one Ghar in a crew for Rogue Stars. Now that I have four more Ghar, I can do just that! I lopped off the round, metal detector-esque bit on the ends of the thing-a-ma-bob that they're carrying and it now looks as though they're armed with a kinda retro-looking lasergun instead.

I don't have any sort of background for these guys yet...I was thinking of maybe using them as miners, or a salvage crew of some sort, maybe armed with cutting lasers or the like...something like that. Regardless, they'll make for a cool looking crew that's quite different from the one I've been using and the other crew that I also have in the works.


neverness said...

Glad you're using them in some way! Also, After the last 12 months, I kinda support their desire to eradicate humanity. I wish 'em well!

Da Masta Cheef said...